1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmissions for Sale

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission

Model: Laredo, Special Edition, TSi, Limited, 5.9 Limited
Engine: ( 6-Cyl, 4.0 Liter ) – ( V8, 5.2 Liter ) – ( V8, 5.9 Liter )
Transmission: Automatic
Drivetrain: Two-Wheel Drive, Four-Wheel Drive

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By 1998, it was a very common sight to see the Jeep Grand Cherokee in both on-road and off road situations, and fan clubs began to swell with memberships and meetings. The underlying profitability to Chrysler of the Jeep Grand Cherokee was undeniable, and sales continued to soar with considerable interest from export markets as well.

Finding no reasons to alter the success formula, the 4 liter straight six and the 5.2 liter V8 combination continued to prove to be a winning combination, and 1998 saw once again these 2 engines doing very well in the sales mix. And this reflected also in the use of the transmission systems couple to them.

The entry-level model again continued with the 4 liter straight six engine, with the 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission being either the Medium Duty AX-15 5-speed manual. Made by Aisin Warner since 1989, it had proven its reliability over the 10 years when coupled to the 4 liter motor.

Again, for more money of course, the choices for an automatic transmission continued to be the 43RE Medium Duty 4-speed made by Chrysler Corporation’s trademarked TorquFlite or the AW4 Medium Duty 4-speed made by Aisin Warner.

The 43ER was later renamed by Chrysler to become the Medium Duty A500, or if it came with overdrive and electronic control, the Medium Duty A998 and because of these overdrive options it proved to be more popular than the AW4 from Aisin Warner. That TorqueFlite was also owned by Chrysler Corporation, the same company as Jeep also most certainly influenced which transmission was recommended to consumers.

Near top of the range 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmissions were all the Heavy Duty 44RE and coupled with the 5.2 liter powerhouse. Chrysler Corporation’s TorqueFlite also later renamed the 44RE to be the Heavy-Duty A500 or the Heavy Duty A999 with overdrive and electronic control.

And to top the range off, the 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee transmissions for the first time release of the 5.9 liter beast was the 46RE which is a second generation Heavy Duty A527, also known as the Heavy Duty A727 with overdrive and electronic control.

With great success of the Jeep Grand Cherokee over 6 years, there were also aesthetic refinement s added, but for the most part the underlying structure and sturdiness of the models remained unchanged. Becoming a very popular sight on the roads and at off-road gatherings, word of mouth was a big part of the sales impetus and the vehicles were very well received by the market place.

If people had problems with their vehicles or transmissions, most likely to source of the problem could and was traced back to inadequate maintenance. No transmission on any vehicle is a set and totally forget piece of equipment, and a regular inspection should be made to ensure lubricants are free from impurities and maintained at proper levels. Leaks if they develop should be dealt with to maintain a totally sealed environment to keep moisture and dirt out.

And especially true for automatics, internal adjustment of their bands should be made to keep them tensioned within manufacturer guidelines so that there is no slippage or burning them out.

Depending on the driving history of the vehicle, the extent and consistency of its maintenance history, it is conceivable that 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee transmissions could be due for a rebuild or replacement.