2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmissions for Sale

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission

Model: Laredo, Sport, Limited, Overland
Engine: ( 6-Cyl, 4.0 Liter ) – ( V8, 4.7 Liter )
Transmission: Automatic
Drivetrain: Two-Wheel Drive, Four-Wheel Drive

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Now in its 10th year of production, the 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a far cry from its original launch in 1993. Engine sizes are not only larger, but also more powerful from the efficiencies gained from the newer technologies, most recently PowerTech.

These have been matched by increasingly functional heavy duty transmission and control systems, enhanced by computers and sensors to automatically switch the vehicle from rear wheel to four wheel drive seamlessly without any action by the driver.

From the base model manual transmissions of 1993, other than that, the 42RE 4-speed automatic from chrysler’s trademarked TorqueFlite continues in use with the straight-six cylinder 4.0 liter version (now with PowerTech technology) without trouble as a low entry price vehicle.

The 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission in the form of the 545RFE and its 6-speed automatic is in a class of its own and is the only mass produced 6-speed transmission vehicle on the road.

After reprogramming the 545RFE to use all of its 6-speed potential, Chrysler and its Jeep division have not looked back. Widely accepted in the market place as best of breed, it has been fully embraced by the increasingly wealthy consumer public and it is hard to find detractors. And a large number of 1999 and 2000 year buyers did take up Chrysler on their offer to reprogram their vehicles to take advantage of the 6-speed transmission.

One of the beneficial effects of this reprogramming has been that the 545RFE 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission causes the engine to now revs at 200 rpms less than the 45RFE at the same speed.

Of course there will always be the usual needs for routine maintenance and servicing of the transmission. Lubrications don’t stay clean of impurities forever, and so they must be changed on a regular cycle. All things mechanical, hydraulic and electrical do suffer wear and tear – more so with ardent use of the vehicle and harsh weather conditions.

If you ever suffer difficulty with gear changes, gears getting stuck or gear changes no longer being as smooth as they used to be, of course it is prudent to refer to a professional service which specializes in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This is especially true with the extensive use of computers and sensors in the drive train’s processing of data. It’s totally inappropriate to disconnect or bypass any of these sensors simply because you are asking the transmission and control systems to operate blindly.

The old adage of a “stich in time saves nine” applies equally well our motor vehicles as it does with the rag-trade. This is particularly true when it comes to adjusting the bands in automatic transmissions because if left unattended, not only is performance lost and fuel wasted from them slipping, you’ll soon find they have burned out entirely and rather than needed a routine service, you need a completely replaced transmission system.

When you consider the billions of dollars that have been invested in the extensive engineering resulting in the 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee thus far, in fact routine service and maintenance is a small price to pay for optimum operation of the vehicle.